Hands of a Farmer: Wayne Cheney

Sometimes, opportunities come along that spellbind us, change the way we look at life and agriculture, and enrich our lives beyond measure.  Today, we honor Wayne Cheney.  A strong man who is a great depression survivor, WWII Navy Vet, former farmer, former ag teacher, proud husband, father, grandfather, and great grandfather.  59 years of marriage, 85 years of agriculture, and our first video submission.  Thanks to Brandon and Sheila Williamson for submitting this video.  Keep in mind, Mr. Cheney is in a hospital bed only because he was about to go into surgery.  He is fine, and should be back to himself in no time! I love the impromptu discussion that breaks out after our typical questions have been asked!  What a pioneer for agriculture! Below the video is a personal note from the Williamson family.

Tonight’s post has a dual purpose.  As always HOAF seeks to share the stories of the American Agriculturist, however this post has special meaning to us.  We post it as a continual legacy to the wonderful man we know as “Pappa” in hopes that one day my two year old son, Blake, can look back at the wonderful example of Christian leadership, hard work, and fatherly love portrayed by his Great-grandfather, Wayne Cheney.

-With love, Brandon and Sheila Williamson

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10 thoughts on “Hands of a Farmer: Wayne Cheney

  1. Cora says:

    You did a amazing job telling my papas story, I have been truly blessed to have such a great roll model. He has always supported his kids, and grandkids, and hopefully god willing he will be a round for the great grandkids as well! I love you papa and can’t wait for you to be out of that hospital bed.

  2. Carol Hargens says:

    This is quite a legacy for your family. Proud to call him Uncle Wayne. Thanks for posting this.

  3. NANCY says:

    Thanks so much for this post – it brings back memories of separating milk twice a day-every day at the Acker Family Farm west of Nazareth, Tx. Our separater can still separate milk and Nazareth, Tx has a pioneer day each year in July during our “German Festival” and “Suds & Sounds” event. You can see it work then.

  4. Betty Mund says:

    Wonderful man….always run into him at the post office in D’Hanis and have a lively conversation!!! God Bless him!!

    • Tara Mund Stafford says:

      Very Sweet Man!! I use to talk to him at the post office all the time when i went in to get the mail! Since i moved away from D’Hanis i miss talking to him!! He was a wonderful teacher at school also!!

  5. Sally Finger Bader says:

    When my dad passed away when I was 12, a lot of dads in D’Hanis and Hondo became my surrogate fathers. Wayne, father of one of my best friends, was one of those men who became a second dad to me. He has a special place in my heart as does his wonderful wife Dottie. He better hurry up and get back home to D’Hanis so I can come over and have some venison!!!! Get well soon! Love you all!!

  6. Everyone should look up to agricultural histories and World War fighters in our lives because they help us at keeping us alive and safe.

  7. Jim and Betty Barlow says:

    We are one of the many who are proud to call Wayne “friend”. What a beautiful inspiration he was for us all.. He was a man who lived his faith, loved his family, honored his country, and.sherished his friends. Thank you for sharing your Papa with us.

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