Hands of Farmer: Denver Kelly

The passion for agriculture often comes from the elders who came before us.  Tonight’s featured farmer is a prime example of that concept.  Tonight’s featured farmer:  Denver Kelly

Hands Pictured Above:  Denver Kelly  Age: Would be 102, Died at 99

Involvement In Agriculture:  The land my great-grandson now farms, I broke out with two mules and a plow. I farmed actively until I was 97 years old, even hoeing in the fields in the heat of the day. I never wanted to leave the farm. It was my life.

Most Difficult Moment in Agriculture:  In over 80 years of being involved in agriculture, it would be hard to point to a most difficult moment. Perhaps, the years of the dust bowl, or the depression, or the years of failed crops, the years of barely making it. The year I lost my daughter to cancer. The year I lost my young great-grandson to a drunk driver, or the year I lost my right hand man, my grandson Mike who farmed along side me for over 25 years.

Most Joyus Moment in Agriculture:  Rising up each day, knowing the farm was my world brought me the most joy a man could experience. Watching 80 years of seed be planted and harvested. Each day in farming is the most joyous ever, no matter what the weather or the market is doing. When the dirt is under your fingernails at the end of the day, you know you have been with God.

9 thoughts on “Hands of Farmer: Denver Kelly

  1. Carla Caswell Rogers says:

    I remember those hands. Seeing Denver at church every Sunday at Gomez, it seems I recall noticing his hands. I think I would have recognized them if I hadn’t known they were his.

  2. Gina says:

    So sweet. I love that I took this picture of his hand with Kenneth’s, his great-great grandson. Denver had such a sense of humor too. So dry. He was a hard man, but he was a good man.

  3. What an admirable story. To have experienced so many changes and advances over his lifetime and to share that the most joyous moment to be “Rising up each day, knowing the farm was my world brought me the most joy a man could experience” was a most telling statement that farming was more than just what he did for a living. As it is, I think, for most of us in agriculture.

  4. John says:

    The story was pretty interesting.

  5. Zachary Harris says:

    I have respect for this man. For someone who has seen so much adversity in their life, and faced the things he did is unbelievable.

  6. Miranda says:

    It’s amazing how long this guy had lived and he made every moment count, farming was his life.

  7. Ashley says:

    this is so cute much respect to this guy

  8. Riley Jenkins says:

    this guy went threw everything a farmer could go threw ruff wise i respect him a lot!!!!

  9. cameron says:

    That was really sad that his friends and grand kids died. Also another thing is i cant believe
    that he survive tell 80 are longer still farming. Also that would be cool if he was still alive.

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