Hands of a Cotton Farmer: Matt Caswell

Matt Caswell Hands

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them! ~ William Shakespeare 

Today’s farmer fits all three. Today we honor a young man who exemplifies greatness in every fabric of his life.

Hands Pictured Above: Matt Caswell  Age: 30

Involvement in Agriculture: I am a fourth generation cotton farmer on the plains of West Texas. I live south of Lubbock,Texas on the Lubbock and Lynn County line with my beautiful wife of eight years and two gourgeous daughters who will certainly make mel pay for my raising.

A cotton farm in West Texas is an everchanging world that can show you the best days you’ve ever had and take everything away from you that very night. We live and die by Mother Nature with decisions we as farmers have absolutely zero control over. With growing costs and unstable markets throughout the world, farming is a gamble few can stomach and most don’t understand. Increasing costs and advancements in technology make the present day farm a never ending process of learning and concern.

Most Difficult Moment in Agriculture: My worst day in agricuture came the day after the funeral of my Dad, Jimmy Smith, in October of 2011. I have never felt more alone on the farm than that day when all the decisions came crashing down in my hands and panic set in. If it were not for the agriculture community that surrounded me, i might have sunk. The group that i am proud to call farmers, agriculturists and my friends kept me afloat until i could gather myself and get both my feet securely underneath me. Everyday is a struggle without him but if not for him i would not be where i am today with the knowledge and skills that he instilled in me. Thanks Dad!

Most Joyous Moment in Agriculture: One of the scariest times in a young farmers life is when he has to go to bank and ask for astronomical amount of money that he only prays he can pay back by the end of the year. I payed off my first bank note in the winter of 2009. I swelled up with pride as i strolled out the bank with a huge feeling of accomplishment. Their is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you survived the year and put money in the bank only to do it all over agian the next year.

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6 thoughts on “Hands of a Cotton Farmer: Matt Caswell

  1. Cora says:

    Amazing story Matt… Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Sherry says:

    Matt, I’m proud of you and your many accomplishments.

  3. Brenda H says:

    Matt this touched my heart more than I can say…..I know Jimmy is looking down & beaming with pride at the farmer, husband & father you are. You are an inspiration & fine example to many farmers in this area. So proud for you !

  4. CW and Sylvia says:

    We Love you, and are so proud to have you has a son-in-law. We wish you great success in the future.

  5. McLerranMD says:

    Wonderful story, thank you for sharing

  6. McLerranMD says:

    Reblogged this on MommyDoctorFarmer and commented:
    This is a touching photo and tribute to all the hard working farmers that I know. I have seen first hand their love of the land, their families, and their products. There truly is a lot to learn from a man’s hands.

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