About Handsofafarmer

Jeff Klose and Brandon Williamson are agricultural science teachers in Texas and developers of 2FB Enterprises.  Together they are working to be the voice of American agriculture.  The goal of this blog is to tell the stories of farmers, ranchers, and agribusiness-men across the nation who are too humble to tell their own stories in the hopes of combating groups who would seek the ruin of agriculture through lies and un-truths.  Join us today.  Let us tell your story, the story of the thread that holds the fabric of America together: AGRICULTURE!

7 thoughts on “About Handsofafarmer

  1. champlolly says:

    So proud to call you both colleagues and friends! Can’t wait to see all this blog becomes and all the good it will do, telling the story of America’s Industry.

  2. This is gonna be an epic blog guys! Following…check.

  3. Melita Cramblet says:

    This is great!!! People need reminding what the farmers and ranchers for do for EVERYONE!!! Without this industry we’d all be some pretty hungry and naked, not to mention sick, people!!!! Thanks!!!!

  4. I love what you guys are doing!

    • Thanks so much…the story needs to be told….if you know any farmers/ranchers/agribusinesspeople who would like to be involved, please send them our way…we would really like to expand outside of Texas…Thanks!

  5. What an amazing and unique way to share the story of agriculture. I love it! Can’t wait to see more.

  6. Susan Blackard says:

    Jeff and Brandon,

    Just finished reading the blog! Thank you so very much for highlighting the “Hands of a Farmer!” Being the wife of a cotton farmer I so often see the lack of appreciation for those who feed and clothe this nation/world and the many obstacles they face. Proud of you both & keep up the great work you are doing!

    Susan Blackard

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